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VST is a trademark of Steinberg media technologies

Use these plugins at your own risk

People who like my plugins

can donate me as they wish,

so i can keep making more nice plugins

and keep this website going

Thanks to all honest people


COXCO series reverb

with widening FX

Download it here

COXCO series reverb

The Vintage synthpack 1

contains 3 synths & 2 wavplayers

these are older plugins,but sound good

Download it here

All for the love of music

Do not download my vst plugins from warez,P2P,storage or other vulnerable sites

It can infect your pc with trojans,viruses and other vulnerable stuff,

also never submit my plugins to such sites,those criminals kill the music business

thanks for understanding-Enjoy my plugins and make great music with them

Virtual synth

2 osc-X filters-XFX

2 different GUI's

Download it here






all rights reserved COXCO-AUDIO*2015*


All VST products here can be downloaded for free